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School of Economics and Finance

Submission information

  • Aims and scope: The CReMFi discussion paper series publishes theoretical and empirical papers on forecasting. Only papers that fall within this topic can be considered for this series.
  • Who may submit? Staff, visiting staff, and graduate students. 
  • When to submit? When your paper is proof-read, spell-checked and when the formatting rules (see below) have been observed. This is a minimum requirement. Papers with major defects in this respect or with major language problems will invariably be returned to the authors for re-editing. The paper should be intended for publication in a peer-reviewed economics journal, and it should have already reached a certain degree of maturity (not a first draft with theorems you have not proved yet etc.). 
  • Formatting rules: You should follow common-sense editing norms and rules. Make sure the first page has a title, author names with affiliations, date, abstract, J.E.L. classification codes, and keywords. Number the pages, subdivide the paper into sections with numbers and titles, and include a complete and accurate bibliography. Align the text to both the left and right margins. The font should have at least a point size of 11. 
  • How to submit? All papers will be published electronically only. Therefore, please email a PDF file of your paper to Haroon Mumtaz.
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