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If you're feeling a bit confused, try looking at the QMPlus Student Handbook to find the answers to your queries. Simply log in with your QM credentials and type in your question in the search bar.

If you can't find the information you need, try looking at our frequently asked questions below or contact us.

How do I apply to study at QMUL School of English and Drama?

Find out how to join us by visiting this page

I want to change a module, what do I need to do?

You will be able to change modules in the first three weeks of semester. Learn about the module change process here.

My module change request has been accepted but my timetable still hasn't changed, why is this?

The School of English and Drama will send you an email confirming that your module change request has been processed. You will be able to access the module area on QMPlus however, your online timetable and MySIS record will be updated in week 3 by the Global Opportunities Office after you have had your module registration form (yellow form) signed and the completed form submitted to the Global Opportunities Office by the deadline. You will be emailed an updated timetable with all of the details of your new classes.

My timetable has been updated but some of my modules are still missing, what do I do?

Get in touch with the relevant School as soon as possible because this probably means you have a timetable clash.

How can I request to change a seminar group?

Unfortunately we cannot process seminar change requests unless you have a timetable clash or have accessibility requirements. Please email us on if you need to change a seminar group. 

What is a module pack?

A module pack or module reader is an electronic document that contains all of the required reading needed for that module. The School of English and Drama provide these to help students to access the reading easily.

I can't access a module area on QMPlus even though I am enrolled on the module, what do I do?

Try accessing the module area by typing in the module code or module name on the QMPlus search bar whilst you are logged in. If you still cannot access the module area you need, contact us.

I don't understand what my grade means

You may notice there is a difference in grading in the UK compared to your home institution. UK undergraduate degrees are classified into the following categories:

  • First-class Honours (70% and higher)
  • Second-class Honours ( 50% -70%)
  • Third-class Honours (40% – 50%)
  • Ordinary/Unclassified (39% and lower)

I need to speak to someone, who can I go to?

We understand that studying away from home, although exciting, can be overwhelming. Your associate tutor serves as your advisor while you study with us so do not hesitate to get in touch with them. Alternatively, you can always come to the School of English and Drama Office and speak to someone at the desk (we're very friendly!)

I can't find an answer to my question and I need an answer urgently! 

Come and see us! If you email us, we will try to get back to you within 5 working days but if you need an answer urgently, either come and see your associate tutor during their drop in hours or come to the SED office (ArtsOne Building, 3rd Floor), we're open Monday to Friday 9am - 1pm and 2pm - 5pm.

Who do I speak to about my mental and/or physical health?

If you suffer from any conditions which may affect your health and wellbeing please speak to your Associate Tutor who will be able to help. We have a team of qualified Mental Health First Aiders on campus who will be able to assist you.

What is the Student Health Service?

QMUL have a free Student Health Service available on campus (Geography Building). You should register for this as soon as possible in order to use in an emergency.

I have an emergency and need help

QMUL have 24 hour trained security staff to help provide a safe and welcoming environment to all students. For immediate assistance, call 0207 882 3333. In less urgent situations, call or visit the security control room (France House, Student Village) on 0207 882 5000. 

If you have a medical emergency and it is out of hours, contact the Student Health Service if you are registered on 0203 777 7151. You can also contact NHS 111 for free advice or 999 in an emergency (you will not be charged for an ambulance or hospital visit). Keep any and all documentation and inform your Associate Tutor as soon as you are able.

Where can I buy books?

John Smith's bookshop on campus has many required course texts and in many cases they offer discounts on the RRP. You can also buy books on Amazon, BookDepository and AbeBooks. Other good book shops in London include:

  • The London Review Bookshop by the British Library
  • Waterstones
  • Foyles
  • Second hand bookshops along Charing Cross Road near Trafalgar Square and Judd St in Bloomsbury
  • QMUL Library (free access to books for QMUL students)
  • Senate House Library (free access to books for QMUL students)
  • Idea Store (free access to books for QMUL students)

Where can I buy play texts?

  • The National Theatre Book Store (South Bank)
  • Calder Bookshop Theatre on The Cut (Waterloo)
  • Royal Court Theatre Bookshop

What can I get involved with whilst I am at the School of English and Drama?

There are plenty of opportunities available to you at the School of English and Drama. Find out more here.

I would like to audit a module, how can I gain access?

You will need to speak to the module convenor to seek their permission to audit their module. If they agree, you will need to ask the module convenor to contact the SED Admin Team to grant auditing access to the QMPlus module area. Please note that auditing a module does not mean that you are enrolled on the module. You will need to request to add the module during the first three weeks of semester.

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