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The joint programme between Queen Mary University of London and Nanchang University (NCU) is comprised of a pre-clinical programme delivered in years 1-3 and a clinical programme delivered in years 4-5. The former is based on Queen Mary’s Biomedical Sciences BSc and NCU pre-clinical courses and the latter is based on the current clinical course at NCU. 

Nanchang Symposium

Graduates will gain a Biomedical Sciences BSc from Queen Mary and a medical degree, Clinical Medicine (Biomedicine), from NCU, and will be registered to practice medicine in China.  

The programme builds on the expertise and experience of the two universities and draws upon research strengths in population genetics, informatics, structural biology, cell biology, cancer, stem cell engineering, hypertension, genetics and gene therapy, cardiovascular and transplantation medicine.

All students will have the opportunity to come and study at Queen Mary between their second and third years. The best students also have the opportunity to complete their third year at Queen Mary University of London.


The combination of Chinese and British approaches to higher education with teaching from leading researchers at both universities means that students experience the following benefits: 

  • Gaining two degrees, one from Nanchang University and one from the Queen Mary University of London, without the expense of studying abroad.
  • Following an education partnership model that has already been well-established in China.
  • Taking a programme based on our Biomedical Sciences BSc. Graduates from this programme have an excellent track record of entry to medical and dental programmes in the UK, as well as to postgraduate courses including MSc programmes and research PhDs.
  • Becoming highly proficient in English.
  • Becoming ideally placed to pursue careers in the expanding life sciences research industry and biomedical research within hospitals and universities in China and internationally.
  • Students on the joint programme are as much a part of Queen Mary University of London as our students in the UK. All joint programme students will have the opportunity to come to Queen Mary between their second and third years to study for six weeks. The best students are also offered the opportunity to complete their third year of study at Queen Mary. 

Admission to the Nanchang programme

This programme only admits Chinese nationals via the NCU application process. Most overseas admissions to NCU will continue to be admitted to their current programme. Students must score significantly above the top national line for admission to key universities in the Chinese national university entrance examination to be admitted onto the joint programme.

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