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School of Politics and International Relations

POL373 Parliamentary Studies

POL373 Parliamentary Studies

Credits: 15
Semester: 1

Module Convenor: Dr Daniel Gover

Description: Every democracy has a legislature which performs a number of key functions, most obviously representation, scrutiny, and of course law-making. This module focuses on how and how effectively the UK parliament performs these functions. With input from parliamentary staff, it is designed to combine rigorous academic analysis of parliament with a solid practical understanding of how the legislature works. It will look, among other things, at how laws are made, executive-legislative relations, executive scrutiny, representation and composition, constituency representation, select committees, and the House of Lords. It is intended to be a highly practical, hands-on module that may serve as a springboard for those considering a professional career in or around politics.

Assessment: Item 1: 30% Written assignment 1 (1000 words) Item 2: 70% Written assignment 2 (2500 words)
Level: 6

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