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School of Politics and International Relations

POL343 More than Human Politics

POL343 More than Human Politics

Credits: 15
Semester: 2

Module Convenor: Dr Giulia Carabelli

Description: The module introduces students to more than human politics at an advanced UG level. We look at different scales of politics from the personal to the global/planetary to explore human and nonhuman entanglements. Specifically, we discuss the roles of nonhuman actors in scholarly and activist debates about advanced capitalism, histories of colonialism, and gender and racialised hierarchies to reflect on the possibility of growing liveable worlds.
As part of this module, students grow plants on campus with the aim to reflect on their personal experience of human/ nonhuman entanglements and to appreciate the links between everyday practice and theory. Together we interrogate the roles of nonhuman agents in world-making and the future.

Assessment: Item 1: 40% Reflection Log (1500 words) Item 2: 60% Research Paper (2500 words)
Level: 6

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