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School of Politics and International Relations

POL334 Migration and the Politics of Belonging

POL334 Migration and the Politics of Belonging

Credits: 15
Semester: 2

Module Convenor: Dr Rachel Humphris

Description: Contemporary life is hardly imaginable without mobility—of capital, things, ideas, images and people. At the same time, some forms of mobility such as international migration, are often thought to undermine modern political forms, such as the nation-state, as well as threaten the policies associated with them. This module will investigate the relationship between mobility, modern political forms and different conceptions of belonging and membership. It will pay attention to some of the crucial tensions of the current historical moment—for example, the tension between the principle of freedom of movement and nation-state sovereignty. It will also ask whether and how practices of mobility open possibilities for imagining the organisation of collective life beyond the currently predominant political forms.

Assessment: Item 1: 40% Short Research Essay Item 2: 60% Longer Research Essay
Level: 6

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