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School of Politics and International Relations

POL313 Populism in 21st Century Europe

POL313 Populism in 21st Century Europe

Credits: 15
Semester: 2

Module Convenor: Dr. Stijn van Kessel
Prerequisite: Before taking this module you must take POL312

Description: This module focuses on populism and instances of populism in contemporary European politics. Due to the recent rise of populist parties and candidates in Europe (and beyond), populism has become a much-debated theme. The module will focus on the various ways in which populism is expressed in European politics, and populism's natural relationship with Euroscepticism. The emphasis will be on populist political parties: their varying ideological characteristics, the reasons underlying their success or failure, and their impact on the political debate, rival political parties, and liberal democratic regimes more generally.

Assessment: Item 1: 20% Presentation (15 min) Item 2: 80% Comparative Analysis (3000 words)
Level: 6

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