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School of Politics and International Relations

POL303 Technology, Politics, War

POL303 Technology, Politics, War

Credits: 15
Semester: 2

Module Convenor: Dr Elke Schwarz

Description: Technology is ubiquitous. And as such, it takes on an ever-more significant role as a form of power in socio-political contexts. This module examines the relationship between politics, technology and war in politics and international relations. It explores the impact of new technologies in the 21st century on world politics with a specific focus on technology’s impact on politics, society and the war on a theoretical and practical level. The module aims to provide students with an introduction to the key contemporary technologies that will shape our political and military landscape in the years to come and the challenges technologies pose for society, politics and warfare in the 21st century and beyond. It will begin with an overview of the role of technological developments in politics and society and will discuss key technological innovations - digital networks, social media, robotics, Artificial Intelligence, automated and autonomous weapons systems, etc.- before engaging with the political and ethical challenges these fast-paced technological developments pose for domestic and international political governance. In this, the module introduces students to the complexity behind new technological systems, the role of political agency in shaping technology and the role of technology in shaping politics, society and warfare.

Assessment: Item 1: 35% Technology Impact Report (1500 words) Item 2: 65% Essay (2500 words)
Level: 6

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