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School of Politics and International Relations

POL105 Political Analysis

POL105 Political Analysis

Credits: 30
Semester: 1 and 2

Module Convenor: Dr SofĂ­a Collignon
Overlap: None
Prerequisite: None

Description: This module serves as an introduction to a politics degree and the ideas, skills, methods and knowledge required to succeed in your studies of politics. You will be trained in a range of study and research skills, from enhancing your ability to write analytically to learning how to interpret a wide variety of political texts. You will also have the opportunity to interact with your personal tutor and conduct a small, independent research project. The module is taught through lectures and seminars, as well as through direct contact with your personal advisor.

Assessment: Item 1: 30% Essay 1 (1000 words) Item 2: 50% Essay 2 (2000 words) Item 3: 20% Examination (1 hours 30 mins)
Level: 4

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