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School of Politics and International Relations
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DoingIPS is a transnational research network bringing together scholars working in the broad area of International Political Sociology (IPS). The DoingIPS node at the School of Politics and Relations is a hub of researchers leading this growing field. It established and currently leads the transnational network.

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It is becoming increasingly evident in the present world that humans, animals, plants, and geological and atmospheric processes are intertwined. With people constantly on the move, often crossing borders and boundaries, it is also increasingly difficult to differentiate between local and global phenomena. The conventional divisions between state and society, human and nature, and the international and the national are no longer sufficient to address the complex challenges of today's world. International Political Sociology offers alternative approaches to world politics that allow us to engage with these challenges creatively. One of the primary goals is to move beyond critique and embrace the resourcefulness of knowledge creation across International Relations, Political Science, and Sociology.

The DoingIPS node at the School of Politics and International Relations, Queen Mary, is a hub of researchers leading this growing field. They established and currently lead the transnational research hub with the same name. The node is crucial in establishing an interdisciplinary, sociologically robust research profile unique to politics and international relations. It is also at the forefront of building sociology as a separate disciplinary area of research and teaching within the School of Politics and International Relations.

The node fosters collaborations, organises public and academic events, develops research programmes and shapes International Political Sociology globally. Members of the node are actively collaborating with Brazilian, Dutch, and Belgian IPS research networks alongside other partners. They also co-founded the Standing Section Doing International Political Sociology of the European International Studies Association in partnership with IPS Scholars from the Pontifical Catholic University Rio de Janeiro.

Our team

Core members of the DoingIPS node at Queen Mary include: 


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