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School of Politics and International Relations

Has Brexit really divided Britain?


Professor of Politics, Professor Philip Cowley co-authored an opinion piece for Unherd discussing the political divide in Britain. He writes: “The other day one of us heard the claim — made entirely seriously — that there were no Leave voters in Scotland. It went completely unchallenged by everyone else in the conversation, most of them Scots, yet it clearly said much more about the person making the statement, and the nature of a worryingly large amount of our political conversations, than it does about Scotland, where some 38% voted Leave. Indeed, if you look at the overall figures for the electorate in Scotland, and include those who didn’t vote in 2016 — a group that is perennially ignored in this sort of discussion — you find that 42% of adult Scots voted to Remain, another 26% voted to Leave, and 33% didn’t vote at all.”
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