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Could MPs be recalled if UK Supreme Court rules parliament's suspension was illegal?


Britain’s Supreme Court is due to decide this Tuesday whether Boris Johnson acted unlawfully when he suspended — or ‘prorogued’ — parliament for five crucial weeks in the run-up to the October 31 deadline for the UK to leave the European Union. Queen Mary University of London lecturer of British politics, Dr Daniel Gover said: “This is an extraordinary moment in British politics - I don’t remember anything like this. If the courts did decide that it is unlawful it would be very serious — I think — for the government and in normal times it would be very embarrassing. It is possible that this will bolster a narrative that is useful for the Conservative Party: that they are trying to deliver Brexit and being frustrated by the establishment. It may well be that questions of whether Boris Johnson misled the Queen or prorogued parliament unlawfully — that the details — are not the things that get picked up on. What this means constitutionally and politically are different questions.”
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