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School of Politics and International Relations

Dr Daniel Gover, BA (Nottingham), MPhil (Cambridge), PhD (Queen Mary)


Senior Lecturer in British Politics

Telephone: 020 7882 6025
Room Number: ArtsOne, 2.28B
Twitter: @DanielGover
Office Hours: Tuesday 16:00-17:00 (in person) and Thursday 09:30-10:30 (online). By appointment only, please book via the link below.


Daniel joined Queen Mary University of London as a lecturer in 2019. His research focuses on British politics, with a particular emphasis on the UK parliament and constitution.

Prior to taking up this position he has held a number of research roles. Between 2011 and 2015, and again in 2019, he worked at the Constitution Unit at University College London. His research there included a major investigation of the UK parliament’s policy impact on government legislation, resulting in his co-authored monograph Legislation at Westminster (OUP, 2017), and parliament’s role on Brexit. Between 2015 and 2016 he worked at the Mile End Institute at Queen Mary, researching the introduction of ‘English Votes for English Laws’ in the House of Commons. He also completed his PhD at Queen Mary, on the topic of Christian pressure groups in UK policymaking.

Daniel’s research has been cited in the media, parliament and other policy contexts, and he has appeared before several parliamentary select committees to give evidence based on his findings.

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Undergraduate Teaching

POL243 British Politics

POL373 Parliamentary Studies

POL392 Parliamentary Studies (internship)

I have previously taught on the following modules:

POL108 Background to British Politics

POL260 Power and Legitimacy in British Politics

POL253 Accountability and Complexity in British Government


Research Interests:

Daniel’s research interests are in the following areas:

  • UK politics
  • Parliament
  • Constitution
  • Devolution
  • Religion and politics

Examples of research funding:

ESRC funding for doctoral research (2013-8)



Russell, M. & Gover, D. (2017) Legislation at Westminster: Parliamentary Actors and Influence in the Making of British Law. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Journal articles

Gover, D. (2023) ‘Religious Lobbying and Policy Influence: Christian Interest Group Impacts Around the Legalisation of Same-Sex Marriage in England and Wales’, Politics & Policy. Early View, doi: 10.1111/polp.12559.

Gover, D. (2022) ‘Christian Interest Groups in a Religiously Changing United Kingdom: Issues, Strategies, Influence’, Politics and Religion, 15:3, 462-484.

Gover, D. & Kenny, M. (2018) ‘Answering the West Lothian Question? A Critical Assessment of “English Votes for English Laws” in the UK Parliament’, Parliamentary Affairs, 71:4, 760-782. 

Russell, M., Gover, D., Wollter, K. & Benton, M. (2017) ‘Actors, Motivations and Outcomes in the Legislative Process: Policy Influence at Westminster’, Government & Opposition, 52:1, 1-27.

Russell, M., Gover, D. & Wollter, K. (2016) ‘Does the Executive Dominate the Westminster Legislative Process?: Six Reasons for Doubt’, Parliamentary Affairs, 69:2, 286-308.

Gover, D. & Russell, M. (2015) ‘The House of Commons' “Financial Privilege” on Lords Amendments: Perceived Problems and Possible Solutions’, Public Law, 1, 12-22. 

Book chapters

Gover, D. & Kenny, M. (2018) ‘Interpreting EVEL: Latest Station in the Conservative Party’s English Journey?’, in Kenny, M., McLean, I. & Paun, A. (eds.), Governing England: English Identity and Institutions in a Changing United Kingdom (Proceedings of the British Academy, 217). Oxford: Oxford University Press. 

Russell, M. & Gover, D. (2018) ‘Parliamentary Scrutiny and Influence on Government Bills’, in Leston-Bandeira, C. & Thompson, L. (eds.), Exploring Parliament. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Substantial reports

Russell, M. & Gover, D. (2021) Taking Back Control: Why the House of Commons Should Govern its Own Time. London: Constitution Unit.

Gover, D. & Kenny, M. (2016) Finding the Good in EVEL: An Evaluation of ‘English Votes for English Laws' in the House of Commons. Edinburgh: Centre on Constitutional Change. 

Russell, M. & Gover, D. (2014) Demystifying Financial Privilege: Does the Commons’ Claim of Financial Primacy on Lords Amendments Need Reform? London: Constitution Unit. 

Gover, D. (2011) Turbulent Priests?: The Archbishop of Canterbury in Contemporary English Politics. London: Theos. 

Report chapters

Gover, D. (2020) ‘Procedural Innovation’ in Parliament and Brexit. London: UK in a Changing Europe.

Selected blog articles

Gover, D. & Kenny, M. (2021) ‘Deliver Us From EVEL? Is the Government Right to Abolish “English Votes for English Laws”?’, Constitution Unit blog, 27 June.

Russell, M & Gover, D. (2021) ‘Taking Back Control: Why the House of Commons Should Govern its Own Time’, Constitution Unit blog, 19 January.

Gover, D. & James, L. (2021) ‘The Hybrid House of Commons: The Problems of Government Control’, Constitution Unit blog, 17 January.

Gover, D. & Kenny, M. (2020) ‘Five Years of EVEL’, Constitution Unit blog, 23 October.

Russell, M. & Gover, D. (2019) ‘Pressures to Recall Parliament Over Brexit During the Summer Seem Likely – What if They Occur?’, Constitution Unit blog, 28 August. 

Russell, M. & Gover, D. (2017) ‘Legislation at Westminster – and How Parliament Matters More than Many People Think’, Constitution Unit blog, 23 August. 

Gover, D. & Kenny, M. (2017) ‘EVEL Won’t Worry the New Government – But the West Lothian Question May Well Do’, Constitution Unit blog, 19 June. 

Gover, D. & Kenny, M. (2017) ‘The Government’s “English Votes for English Laws” Review: An Assessment’, Constitution Unit blog, 5 April. 

Gover, D. & Kenny, M. (2016) ‘One Year of EVEL: Evaluating “English Votes for English Laws" in the House of Commons', Centre on Constitutional Change blog, 28 November.

Gover, D. & Kenny, M. (2016) ‘Sunday Trading and the Limits of EVEL’, Constitution Unit blog, 10 March. 

Russell, M. & Gover, D. (2015) ‘The Lords, Financial Privilege and the EU Referendum Franchise’, Constitution Unit blog, 13 December. 

Gover, D. & Russell, M. (2015) ‘Parliament and Legislation: Perhaps Westminster is More Powerful than You Think?’, Constitution Unit blog, 15 September. 

Kenny, M. & Gover, D. (2015) ‘The Triumph of EVEL: What Next for the English Question?’, Constitution Unit blog, 23 October. 

Gover, D. & Kenny, M. (2015) ‘“English Votes for English Laws” – A Viable Answer to the English Question?’, Constitution Unit blog, 7 July.

Gover, D. (2014) ‘Faith and the Politics of Food Banks’, Politics Studies Association blog, 11 December.

Gover, D. (2014) ‘Does Commons “Financial Privilege” on Lords Amendments Need Reform?’, Constitution Unit blog, 13 March. 


Current students:

  • Christopher Mullins-Silverstein, ‘A Comparison on the Strength of Individual Legislators’

 Daniel is pleased to consider supervision in the following areas:

  • UK parliament
  • Parliaments and legislatures more broadly
  • UK constitution
  • Religion and politics


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