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Pragmatic Clinical Trials Unit

Economic Evaluation

Economic evaluation is comparative analysis of health benefits and costs of alternative treatment or management strategies. It is increasingly used in healthcare decision making in the UK and around the world. Economic analyses are often integrated in randomised and other prospective studies and utilise study design as a vehicle of estimation of comparative costs and outcome of the target intervention strategies. In this theme, we work toward development of methodology for these analyses and collaborate with trialists and other methodologists in designing rigorous economic evaluations to inform decisions. We also teach economic evaluation methods in our courses.

Specific topics of our work include:

  • Designing economic evaluation studies
  • Resource use data measurement and analysis
  • Health outcome measurement and analysis
  • Economic evaluations alongside different types of clinical trials
  • Assessing heterogeneity in cost-effectiveness across patient populations
  • Evaluating uncertainty in economic evaluations and presenting results
  • Use of economic evaluations to inform policy

 Ongoing projects


  • CTT
  • East London CVD prevention


  • STOP






  • Point of care antibody testing

Mental Health

  • ERA
  • TACK
  • Self-harm in in Adolescence
  • Remote IMPULSE


  • Fresh St
  • UK Salt reformulation policy 

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