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Pragmatic Clinical Trials Unit

About Us

The PCTU is at the forefront of the science and execution of pragmatic clinical trials.

The PCTU has been conducting clinical trials and other research studies since the 1990s. The unit obtained registration with the UK Clinical Research Collaboration in 2007, and has been funded by the National Institute for Health Research since 2008.

Watch former PCTU Director, Professor Sandra Eldridge, talk about the Unit and its work in this video:

Clinical strengths

Since then, the PCTU has expanded to lead and collaborate in a large number of multi-centre trials and other studies across many clinical areas. PCTU studies were initially focused in primary care and mental health. Over time the unit's clinical strengths have expanded to include women’s health, colorectal surgery, and most recently, critical care and perioperative medicine.

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Methodological strengths

The PCTU also has its own methodological research programme, helping it to stay at the forefront of the science and execution of pragmatic clinical trials. PCTU's methodological strengths include cluster randomised trials; innovative trial design and conducting studies within trials.

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Our research

At any one time, the PCTU is involved in up to 10 studies in set up, up to 25 in recruitment and follow up, and up to 10 in analysis and write up. These studies range from large five year programme grants to much smaller pilot and feasibility studies and systematic reviews.

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About the team

The PCTU is a multi disciplinary team with experience in conducting all aspects of clinical trials to the highest standards from funding application; planning, set up, conduct, analysis and through to publication.

Our staff have expertise in trial management, recruitment, data management, database programming, statistics, health economics, information governance, quality assurance, and business and management.  

Meet the PCTU team

Collaborate with us

The PCTU works in partnership with Chief Investigators to deliver high quality studies that answer vital research questions. We currently receive about 50 requests for collaboration each year and accept around 30.

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