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Pragmatic Clinical Trials Unit

Decision modelling for economic evaluation

Decision analytic modelling is a widely used method for economic analysis that enables integration of all relevant evidence and facilitates comparative analysis of multiple intervention strategies over long period of time. In this theme, we work towards development of the methods of decision analytic modelling and develop models to support rigorous evaluations in collaboration with clinicians, patients and other stakeholders. We also teach decision analytic modelling methods in our courses.

Specific topics of our work include:

  • Decision modelling for long-term economic analysis in clinical trials
  • Decision modelling for assessment of public health interventions
  • Decision modelling to support personalised medicine
  • Validation and calibration of decision models

Ongoing projects


  • CTT
  • East London CVD prevention






  • Point of care antibody testing


  • Fresh St

UK Salt reformulation policy

References to our published papers:

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