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Education liaison

Information for teachers and supporting adults

The Queen Mary Futures programme is aimed at students with backgrounds under-represented in higher education, and who have the academic profile for study at a highly competitive university like Queen Mary.

The information below is provided to support and inform teachers, advisers, parents and carers.

In order to send us your completed Teacher Declaration, please follow the below 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Consult the 'Who should apply to Queen Mary Futures' section directly below.

Step 2: Consult with the applicant to check you are both satisfied that they meet the eligibility criteria they have declared, and in particular:

  • that they are currently studying suitable subjects for the subject strand(s) to which they are applying
  • if they are applying on the basis of a postcode measure, that they have checked this carefully against their home postcode and have declared these details correctly.

Step 3: Return this email to us, replacing the full names of yourself and the applicant where you are prompted to. This should be sent from the email address that you wish for us to use should we need to contact you in future. Do also feel free to add to the information in the email, as necessary. If you will make a declaration on behalf of several of your students, you can list the names of all students in the same email. 

If you are unable to access the above email template, please copy and paste the text in the below file into a new email and send this to us.

Queen Mary Futures - Teacher Declaration Email Copy [PDF 52KB]

For your students' application to be competitive, they should currently be studying subjects and qualifications that would make them eligible for study of their preferred subject at Queen Mary. You can check, or help them to check, relevant course entry requirements here:

They must also meet the entry criteria specific to the programme strand they have applied for. Full details can be found here

Students wiill receive: 

  • Expert insight in to several subject areas that align with their preferred HE pathway

  • Opportunities to develop key academic skills that are associated with success at university

  • Enhanced careers information, advice and guidance, including contributions from Queen Mary Alumni

  • Certification to recognise their successful completion of the Queen Mary Futures programme

We offer plenty of in-school or online workshops, you can make a booking request by using our Activity Portal. We also have plenty of online and digital outreach, including webinars and interactive courses, which are available to all students in the UK. These are available on our Outreach Content Hub. 

We ask for this information in case we need to contact a supporting adult of a student, in the event of an emergency or in any other instance when this might be necessary.

It is important that we verify student’s applications and gain the support of schools and colleges to support us throughout the programme. We ask for a teacher or staff contact to verify the students details are correct, including access criteria and grades.  

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