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Access to Queen Mary

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Queen Mary is the most inclusive university of its kind. Through Access to Queen Mary, we nurture students typically under-represented at Russell Group universities, through an 18 month programme of activities, events and interventions.     

Access to Queen Mary supports the entrance of students under-represented at Russell Group universities to study at Queen Mary, the most inclusive university of its kind!  

Through an 18 month programme of activities, events and interventions, we aim to help students become more prepared for, and successful in, higher education. Students who successfully complete the programme will not only have benefited from tailored academic and pastoral support but will benefit from a contextual offer to Queen Mary*. 

Before applying, please ensure you read the eligibility criteria and that you understand the expectations of the programme. If you have any questions, please email us

Applications open 6 September 2021. 

  • Students will receive advice and guidance on how to prepare a UCAS application and personal statement.  
  • Students will benefit from additional support to prepare them for the different teaching styles at university.  
  • Students will receive tailored academic support in a key subject of their choice, relating to their Level 3 study. 
  • Students who successfully complete the programme and enroll on a Queen Mary undergraduate degree within two years will be offered a minimum of 20 hours of work as a Student Ambassador. 
  • Students who successfully complete the programme will be eligible for a reduced offer of up to two A-Level grades below the standard entry offer*. 

To be eligible for the Access to Queen Mary programme, students must:  

Meet all of the criteria outlined in step one:  

  1. Attend a target state school or college in the UK (if you're unsure, please email
  2. Have achieved five grades 5-9 or A*- B at GCSE (with English and Maths at a minimum 5) 

Meet at least two criteria from step two*: 

  1. Live in an area of low-participation to higher-education (POLAR4 Q1/Q2) 
  2. Be living in an area of high deprivation (IMD decile 4 or below) or be living in an area of socio-economic disadvantage (ACORN categories 4/5) 
  3. Has lived in local authority care for a period of at least three months  
  4. Are a registered carer  
  5. Are estranged and living independently of family/living with friends 
  6. Neither parent/carer has attended higher education in the UK or aboard  
  7. Are in receipt of, or entitled to, free school meals/16-19 bursary/pupil premium funding 
  8. Are disabled and in receipt of, or entitled to, personal independence payments or disability living allowance 
  9. Are from Gypsy, Roma, and Traveller backgrounds 

*Priority will be given to certain ethnic groups that are currently under-represented in higher education and at Queen Mary, as defined by the OfS priorities. Where demand for the programme exceeds the number of places available in a given year, places will be allocated based on students meeting the highest score in step 2, alongside institutional access priorities.  

  1. Ensure you have checked that you meet the eligibility criteria outlined above 
  2. Submit your application, using the online form, by 18 November 2021. Applications will open in September 2021.  
  3. Ensure that your parent or carer, and your designated teacher or school contact, have also completed their section of the application by 18 November 2021.  

    Students who are successful in gaining a place on the Access to Queen Mary programme will be expected to attend a minimum of two events, complete the Study Skills element, and attend and complete the academic summer school.