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Can Historical Survey Data Help us to Understand the Coronavirus Pandemic?
28 March 2020

by John Kenny, Nick Or, Andra Roescu, Will Jennings (University of Southampton) and Peter K. Enns (Cornell University and Roper Center for Public Opinion Research)

The world had the tools to prevent the coronavirus pandemic – why weren’t they used? by Professor Sophie Harman
27 March 2020

A lack of political will and investment meant experts’ warnings were ignored.

This article was originally published by New Statesman on 26 March 2020. 

16 years on the road to Brexit – Gawain Towler in Conversation at the Mile End Institute
3 March 2020

Gawain Towler served as Director of Communications for the Brexit Party and was previously Head of Press for UKIP. In a special In Conversation event co-hosted by Queen Mary University of London’s Mile End Institute and The UK in a Changing Europe, he reflected on a 16-year political journey towards Brexit.

Brexit shows how a tiny party can have big consequences
3 December 2019

Nigel Farage’s pro-Brexit parties forced the much bigger Conservative Party to live up to its rhetoric. 

The nature of ‘Corbynomics’ – and four key questions it faces
3 December 2019

Nick Garland and Colm Murphy share their thoughts following a Mile End Institute panel on 'Corbynomics'. 

For the U.K.'s Jewish Voters, an Upside Down Choice in the upcoming General Election
26 November 2019

Professor Tim Bale has noted how British Jews are "clearly very worried about Jeremy Corbyn and the direction of the Labour Party". In an article written by Thomas K. Grose for U.S. News

Supreme Court ruling will stop another parliament shutdown, says Professor Peter Hennessy
25 September 2019

Professor Hennessy said that Boris Johnson had “acted with immense insensitivity as well as illegality in advising the Queen to approve an order in council proroguing parliament”.

Labour conference: Jeremy Corbyn battles it out with members over Brexit
23 September 2019

Tim Bale, Professor of Politics from Queen Mary University of London has written an opinion piece for The Conversation about Jeremy Corbyn's leadership of the Labour Party and their stance on Brexit. He argues that Corbyn – supposedly a very different leader of the Labour Party and one who promised to be guided by its members – will probably get away with ignoring them when it comes to Brexit.

Co-Director of the MEI, Dr. Robert Saunders, shared his views on the suspension of Parliament on Twitter
28 August 2019

Dr Robert Saunders, Senior Lecturer in Modern British History, shared his views on the suspension of Parliament on Twitter.

In conversation with Chris Skidmore MP
8 July 2019

Speaking at the Mile End Institute, Chris Skidmore, the Minister of State for Universities, Science, Research and Innovation, shared his vision for higher education after Brexit. 

How the Tories became a Brexit death cult in thrall to Boris Johnson
28 June 2019

There is evidence that post-referendum ‘entryism’ has helped drive the Conservatives into ultra-Brexiteer territory. 

UK Parliament The Brexit referendum and the British constitution
30 May 2019

Robert Saunders, a historian at Queen Mary University of London spoke to The Economist about the British Constitution. 

Are referendums the future of British democracy?
26 February 2019

The 2016 Brexit referendum is having a profound impact on how the UK is governed yet for other countries referendums are a regular aspect of the political process. Queen Mary’s Mile End Institute hosted a panel discussion on 25 February to explore this topic.

Nearly three quarters of MPs think Theresa May has done a poor job of negotiating Brexit
9 January 2019

The latest survey shows that the House of Commons has become even more polarised on Brexit. Tim Bale, Professor of Politics at Queen Mary, believes this will make the Prime Minister’s job even more difficult.

New poll shows that most members of the Conservative Party would choose no deal over Theresa May’s Brexit plan
4 January 2019

The survey of political party members, led by Professor Tim Bale from Queen Mary University of London, has shed new light on grassroots views on Brexit.

Labour remain popular in the capital whilst nearly a third of Londoners state that they would never vote Conservative, according to new poll
11 December 2018

Nearly half of Londoners would vote Labour in a future general election according to a new poll conducted for the Mile End Institute at Queen Mary University of London.

Londoners would overwhelmingly vote to remain in the EU rather than leave under terms of Theresa May’s deal, according to new poll
10 December 2018

More than half of Londoners (54 per cent) would vote to remain the EU according to the latest poll conducted for the Mile End Institute at Queen Mary University of London.

What does Brexit mean for Black and Asian Britain?
30 October 2018

Where does race and ethnicity play out in the Brexit debate? These issues were explored during the latest event held by the Mile End Institute at Queen Mary University of London.

The IPPR’s Industrial Strategy: Historical Echoes and Contemporary Silences
13 September 2018

Much deserved praise has been showered on the Institute of Public Policy Research’s final report from the Commission on Economic Justice. Published at the start of September, its advocacy for decentralisation, wealth taxation and an active state has captured imaginations.

Mayor of London drops in popularity
10 September 2018

Increasingly fewer Londoners believe that the Mayor of London, Labour’s Sadiq Khan, is doing a good job, according to the latest poll conducted for the Mile End Institute at Queen Mary University of London.

Crisis and Reinvention: the State of the Left
8 February 2018

A well-attended Mile End Institute event – Crisis and Reinvention: the State of the Left – emphasised both the challenges and opportunities facing the Labour Party. Karl Pike, PhD Candidate at Queen Mary University of London, looks back on presentations given by Professor Andrew Hindmoor, Dr Monica Poletti and Dr Patrick Diamond.

Brexiteer defends questioning Treasury’s forecasts
2 February 2018

Speaking at the Mile End Institute at Queen Mary University of London last night, Jacob Rees-Mogg, North East Somerset MP and leading Brexiteer, defended raising claims that Treasury officials are trying to influence policy around Brexit.

"I am most deeply hurt"
1 February 2018

Using 'real time', Matthew Bailey and Nigel Fletcher explore what happened to the Labour party after the untimely death of Hugh Gaitskell.

Uncovered letters reveal how Gaitskell’s grieving widow was left ‘shocked’ and ‘deeply hurt’ by PM Macmillan’s speech
1 February 2018

Conservative Prime Minister Harold Macmillan deeply offended the widow of the deceased Labour leader Hugh Gaitskell just days after the politician’s untimely death 55 years ago. A letter in which Mrs Gaitskell describes herself as “deeply hurt” has been discovered in the National Archives and is being published for the first time.

New report on Brexit and public opinion reveals divisions both between and within parties
31 January 2018

A values divide is emerging which could dramatically impact on politics in the years to come, a comprehensive report on Brexit and public opinion reveals.


Survey of MPs reveals Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn face significant political challenges over Brexit
22 January 2018

Corbyn face significant challenges within their own parliamentary parties over Brexit, a new survey of MPs has found.

Universities Minister Sam Gyimah backs review of tuition fees
19 January 2018

The new Universities Minister Sam Gyimah has said that a review of student tuition fees is on the way. He was speaking at the Mile End Institute at Queen Mary University of London, in his first public appearance since his appointment to the role.

Survey of Britain's party members reveals glaring contrasts between Tories and other parties
4 January 2018

A survey of the country’s party members has revealed glaring contrasts between rank and file Tories and their Labour, Lib Dem and SNP counterparts.