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Mile End Institute

Queen Mary Policy Hub

The Policy Hub is a central service helping staff and the academic community to maximise their capacity and reputation for translating world-class research into local and national policymaking.

Queen Mary Policy Hub

Through training, resource development, advice, case studies, and engagement activities, the Policy Hub aims to foster a research culture that encourages the translation of research into evidence-informed policymaking. 

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Time is Money: Increasing University Support for Academic-Policy Engagement

Our policy brief outlines recommendations for universities to better support their academics to conduct policy engagement work.

Policy Hub News Flashes

Not a newsletter – just short summaries of relevant opportunities and events!

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We are the first point of contact for policy engagement at Queen Mary, building internal mechanisms and connecting our community with policymakers to drive policy change. 

For international policy engagement advice, please contact the Queen Mary Global Policy Institute. To learn more about how Queen Mary engages in public challenges facing British politics and public life, check out the Mile End Institute

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