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Mile End Institute


The Mile End Institute connects research, policy-making and public debate to deepen and challenge the understanding of British politics, governance and public policy.

An illustration of a group of women meeting and talking together The UK Joint Committee on Women Project
14 May 2024

Progressive and ahead of its time: A feminist history of the UK’s four-nation representation in Europe

Photo of street marker taken in East Ham, London. The Diversity of Ethnic Minority Londoners
30 April 2024

What do ethnic minority Londoners actually think about politics, society, racism in the UK, and life in the Capital? 

The text 'Queen Mary Policy Hub' against a pale lilac background. Policy how-to guides - QM Policy Hub
21 March 2024

Learn how to navigate the public policy ecosystem, engage with policymakers and get the most out of your policy engagement work with these how-to guides from the QM Policy Hub.

A photo of a bus and car crossing the Mile End intersection MEI Strategy 2023-28
1 February 2024

Read the MEI's latest strategy, launched at Dept W, Queen Mary University of London in February 2024.

Two people with their arms around each other What influences Londoners’ wellbeing, and what can help?
23 November 2023

The factors that have the biggest influence on Londoners’ wellbeing and the policy interventions that could make a difference.

A photo of Keir Starmer MP speaking in the House of Commons Governing in Hard Times: Urgent Questions for the Centre-Left
1 October 2023

Leading speakers from politics, policymaking, and academia provide Starmer and his team with not only questions that they must address ahead of next year’s likely election, but also some potential answers.

Photo of street sign on Whitehall showing the road name, postcode, and the CIty of Westminster logo to illustrate article about the UK constitution Submission to the Civil Service Leadership and Reform Inquiry
1 September 2023

In this co-authored 'UK Productivity-Governance Puzzle' submission, Professor Patrick Diamond suggests how the Civil Service could be reformed.

Photo of then Shadow Chancellor, Gordon Brown, and then Labour leader, John Smith The 1992 ‘Shadow Budget’: some further thoughts by Dan Corry
1 January 2023

Dan Corry reflects on the 1992 Shadow Budget's relevance to contemporary politics and Labour's policy platform in the run-up to the next election.

The Challenge Ahead for Starmer’s Labour: How to understand the 1997 ‘Project’
1 December 2022

This Mile End Institute pamphlet critically assesses New Labour's landslide victory in 1997, and considers the vital questions about the party's latest 'project'.

Photo of newspapers from 17 September 1992 showing the press's reaction to Black Wednesday when Britain withdrew from the ERM 'The springboard for Blair's ascendancy': Black Wednesday 30 Years On
1 September 2022

30 years on from 'Black Wednesday' when Britain withdrew from the ERM, David Ward considers its lasting impact on UK politics and economic policy.

Photo of the London Stadium and the ArcelorMittal Orbit in the Olympic Park at Stratford East x Southeast: Local Research in Poplar, Stratford and Thamesmead
1 May 2022

With the Centre for London, the MEI explored how Stratford, Poplar, and Thamesmead have changed since 2000, and how they may continue to change up to 2040.

Photo of the then Labour leader, John Smith, speaking from a lectern with 'The Future' written behind him John Smith's 1992 Shadow Budget: Myths and Lessons for Labour
1 March 2022

This paper by David Ward revisits the 'Shadow Budget' that John Smith delivered during the 1992 General Election and considers its lessons for policy.

The title of the report against an illustrated silhouette of London in blue and black A Future Well and Fair: A Post-Covid Vision of the Welfare State
23 June 2021

This project, funded by Research England and led by Dr Paul Copeland (QMUL) in collaboration with Professor Mary Daly (Oxford) and Alistair Leitch (Oxford) provides a Post-Covid vision of the UK welfare state.

A photo of a person walking in front of a rainbow mural. At one end there is a cloud with text saying 'stay alert' and at the other, text saying 'save lives'. Not For Patching? Public Opinion and the Commitment to ‘Build Back Better’
13 May 2021

This project, led by MEI Deputy Director Dr Karl Pike, examines the views of the British public on what rebuilding after the pandemic might mean. It offers some preliminary indications of what policy areas the public want to prioritise, and how the machinery of government has managed and performed during this crisis.

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