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Upcoming Talk

AI Minds and Governance Frameworks (with lunch) on 10 April 2024 at 2 pm (in collaboration with the Forum on Decentering the Human)

Three general topics are explored:

1) indigenous knowledge:

  • indigenous knowledge as a source of Enlightenment (especially debates stemming from recent work of Graeber and Wengrow),
  • traditional knowledge and medicine & botany (especially psychoactive substances),
  • epistemic evaluation of indigenous knowledge (potential for evaluative epistemological meta-systems).

2) decolonising global cultural heritage:

  • decolonising art collections (especially the British Museum),
  • archaeology, ancient DNA & ancient burial sites (especially questions of respecting final resting places),
  • decolonising the film archive and global film heritage (especially British Film Institute).

3) non-anthropomorphic forms of knowledge:

  • animal forms of knowledge (especially species who learn),
  • AI and machine learning (especially learning based on human prejudices),
  • flat ontologies which do not privilege epistemic subjects (especially object-oriented ontologies).

These events are live discussions between two experts (a global expert and an expert from QMUL) with Dr Slugan as moderator. If you have an idea about a potential topic and/or would like to participate in some form, please contact Dr Slugan (

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