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Global Epistemologies (Taking Stock of New Cultural, Medical, Political, and Social Knowledges)

This research programme seeks to take stock of various forms of local knowledge around the world in a range of domains (cultural heritage, healing, environment, etc.). The programme will pursue this through:

1) a funding call (open to Queen Mary University of London staff and PhD Students to carry out own research),

2) a series of conversations (exploring indigenous and non-anthropomorphic forms of knowledge and decolonising global cultural heritage),

3) developing large-scale research grants (“Local Experiences of Early Cinema in the British Colonies” and “Colonialism in Highschool Education around the World”).

The programme is headed by Dr Mario Slugan.


Dr Mario Slugan

Global Epistemologies talks series

Live discussions between global and Queen Mary University of London experts with Dr Slugan as moderator. 
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