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School of History

Gary Lawson




2020-21 Teaching Assistant, UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies - 'Communism in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe'.
2022-23 Teaching Assistant, QMUL School of History - 'The Soviet Union: Red Flag Unfurled, 1917–1991'.


Research Interests:

The history and politics of healthcare in the Soviet Union, Soviet and post-Soviet Russia.
Nikolai Semashko, the first People's Commissar for Health of Soviet Russia.
The history of Soviet health sanatoriums, spas and resorts.

Public Engagement

Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce.
Postgraduate research member of the Royal Historical Society.
Member of the Royal Institute for International Affairs (Chatham House).
Member of the British Association of Slavonic and East European Studies.
Member of the Association of Slavonic and East European and Eurasian Studies (USA).

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