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School of History

Dr Alice Haylett Bryan



I have a BA in Art History from Goldsmiths College London and an MA in Contemporary Cinema Cultures from King’s College London. After a few years working in the contemporary arts sector, I returned to KCL to study a PhD in Film Studies


Research Interests:

I specialise in the cultural politics of horror and extreme cinema, with a particular interest in modern to contemporary American, French, Japanese and South Korean horror. My current research looks at sexual rights and American horror media from the 1960s onwards.

I am part of a community of scholars looking to de-Westernise Horror Studies, and was the co-organiser of the De-Westernising Horror conference held at King’s College London in 2022. I was also a contributor to Dr Alison Peirse’s 'Doing Women’s (Global) (Horror) Film History' videographic essay project.

I am the co-editor of the 21st Century Horror series with Edinburgh University Press.


Journal Articles and Video Essays

‘Doing, Cutting, Making: Female Editors in Korean Horror Cinema’ [video essay], MAI: Feminism and Visual Culture special issue titled ‘Doing Women’s (Global) (Horror) Film History’ edited by Alison Pierse (forthcoming)

‘Inhospitable landscapes: Contemporary French Horror Cinema, Immigration and Identity’, French Screen Studies Vol. 21, No.3 (2021)

‘“I Only Like Seeing Myself in Small Bits”: Catherine Breillat’s Reflections of the Female Body’, Cine-Excess No. 2 (2016)


‘“I feel I need to stick my hand in my mother”: Only God Forgives and the Womb Phantasy’, in ReFocus: The Films of Nicolas Winding Refn, edited by Eddie Falvey and Tom Watson (forthcoming with Edinburgh University Press)

‘“There is something seriously rotten in the state of France”: French Horror Cinema and its Cult Status’, in Reappraising Cult Horror Films, edited by Lee Broughton (forthcoming with Bloomsbury)

‘The ‘Weird’ Sex Scenes of Yorgos Lanthimos’, in: The Cinema of Yorgos Lanthimos: Films, Form, Philosophy, edited by Eddie Falvey (London: Bloomsbury, 2022)

‘"You have absolutely no control over your mind and body anymore": Pregnancy, Autonomy and Prepartum Anxiety in Alice Lowe's Prevenge’, in: Mothers of Invention: Film, Media and Caregiving Labor, edited by So Mayer and Corinn Columpar (Michigan: Wayne State University Press, 2022)

‘Catherine Breillat’, in: The Encyclopedia of Gender, Media and Communication, edited by Karen Ross (Hoboken: Wiley- Blackwell, 2020)

‘Surgery, Blood and Patriarchal Sex: Excision and American Mary’, in: Transgression in Anglo-American cinema: Gender, Sex and the Deviant Body, edited by Joel Robert Gwynne (New York: Columbia University Press, 2016)

Other writing

‘Pregnancy in the time of Covid19: Maternal self-focus and Kristevan Herethics’, Studies in Gender and Sexuality, Vol. 21, No. 3 (2020)

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