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Mr David John Lawton

David John



David Lawton joined Queen Mary in April 2021 as a PhD researcher working for the German Historical Institute in London. He is part of the BMBF-funded project ‘(De)Constructing Europe’ and researches Euroscepticism in modern Britain. He completed his MA at UCL and BA at Oxford University.


Research Interests:

My research interests are:
- Britain and Europe
- 20th Century British History
- Euroscepticism
- Conservatism in Britain
- History of Medicine

Public Engagement

Conference papers:

Eurosceptic ‘futures past’ in Britain, 1980-2000 – the emergence of a trans-sectoral network? Hamburger Institut für Sozialforschung, November 2021

After the Referendum: The creation of ‘Eurosceptic’ Britain, 1980 – 2000, DHI Rome, January 2022

The Peterhouse Right and the Single European Act, German historical Instiute London, July 2022

Poundbury, ‘ordinary people’, and the architectural debate in Britain, 1984-1994, Society for the discussion of urban development (SPUD), Warwick University, July 2022

Blog posts:

The Maastricht Judicial Review: Core Legal Documents

Everyone say 'Brexit', 07/09/22,

Podcast appearance:

Guest on The TV That Changed Me Podcast, History Special: Auf Wiedersehen Pet.

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