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School of History

Professor Amanda Vickery


Professor in Early Modern History



I was born and raised in Preston, Lancashire. Growing up in a matriarchal mill town where wives historically worked out of the house as well as in, fostered my love of social and economic history, and fascination with the warp and woof of work and family, power and emotion. Truth to tell, life in a cotton town also inspired a life-long love of clothes.


Research Interests:

I have wide interests in the history of British society and culture, gender and family, words and objects. 

  • The history of women and men
  • love and power
  • Consumerism and fashion
  • Objects and space
  • Art and architecture
  • The Georgians
  • Post war British society and culture



I welcome applications from candidates wishing to undertake doctoral research in the following areas:

  • The history of objects, consumerism and dress, homes and space,
  • Women, men and gender since the late Middle Ages
  • Archival research on unusual sources

Current PHD Students