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Institute of Dentistry - Barts and The London

Dr Sarah Bourne, HDCR, FETC, Pg Cert, DMS, MA in Medical Ethics and Law


Senior Tutor in Dental Radiography

Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7882 6338
Room Number: Office 9, Floor 4, Institute of Dentistry


Since I qualified, I have worked in four major London Teaching Hospitals. I started out at St Thomas’ as a junior Radiographer and then went to the Royal Free Hospital. I went to the Royal London Hospital as a Senior Radiographer and then to the Hammersmith Hospital. I specialised in CT at the Hammersmith for about three years but decided to take a promotion to manage the Dental X-Ray Department at the London Hospital Medical College (as it was then). This job involved teaching the Dental Undergraduates as well as running the department and managing the staff. Over time, the organisation evolved into QMUL where I now work. The job evolved as well so that I gained experience in interviewing students, participating in the Communication Skills course and being Lead for Dental Electives for several years.

I participated in the design of the new Dental X-Ray Department as well as organising the set-up of the department. I am now part time and specialise in teaching.

I have been Staff President twice and won the Non Clinical Award from the students.


Centre: Centre for teaching and innovation 


I have always enjoyed teaching radiography, both practically and theoretically to all levels of staff and students. I teach Dental Undergraduates, Dental Hygienists, Post Graduates, Clinicians and Radiographic Staff.

As part of a team, we deliver Lectures, Small Group Teaching, both theory and practical and one to one practical teaching. We work mainly at the Institute of Dentistry site but also go to the Outreach Clinics to teach and support the students and staff.

We take part in the BDS Exams by participating in the OSCE’s and Assessments.



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