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Institute of Dentistry student wins University of London BDS Gold Medal


In a head to head competition against King's College London, one of our BDS students has won The University of London BDS Gold Medal Examination 2019. 

Indriyesha Wolfgang Puri, Year 5 BDS student, won the medal and worked hard in examination preparation together with Shoba Sriram and Aishat Bashir-Gwandu - all three deserve our congratulations. The Medal will be struck by the Royal Mint and engraved, and Indriyesha will be awarded £500 prize money. 

Thank you to all the University and NHS staff who supported Indriyesha, Shoba and Aishat in their preparation. The staff who helped this year were; Rosie Whatling, Anwar Tappuni, Sharan Sidhu, Ama Johal, David Williams, Simon Holmes, Lochana Nanayakkara, Huda Yusuf, Mital Patel, Jimmy Makdissi, Janet Davies, Mangala Patel, Nikos Mardas, Edmund Bailey, John Buchanan and Nikos Gkranias. Special thanks to Swati Nehete who has supported our students and coordinated all of the staff coaching. A big thank you to Alan Cruchley and Ryan Salucideen for all their help with examinations coordination and the student selection process. 

We, the Barts and the London Institute of Dentistry at QMUL, last won the London BDS Gold Medal in 2012 when Alice Middleton was awarded the Medal. In 2011 the Medal was won by Reena Wadia and in 2010 by Nike Goodluck.



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