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About the study

What does COVER-ME stand for?

COVER-ME is the short form of the project title and it refers to; developing an intervention to support individuals of ethnic minority backgrounds living in East London to make informed decisions about COVID-19 vaccination.

What is the study about?

This research study examines people's experiences and decision-making related to COVID-19 vaccines in the communities of Tower Hamlets and Newham boroughs of East London. The information gained from individual and group discussions will be used to develop an intervention that can support awareness and decisions regarding getting vaccinated.

What do we know?

Previous research has shown that many population groups in East London are less likely to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Vaccine uptake is lower particularly in community groups which are more likely to be socio-economically disadvantaged, and may have worse access to information about vaccines and access to health care.

Who are the funders and sponsors of the study?

The research is funded by Barts Charity and sponsored by Queen Mary University of London. Click here to read Barts Charity's press release about our project.

How will the research be conducted?

The study is being carried out by a team of researchers from the Queen Mary University of London, and supported by specialists and experts from relevant fields.

Get to know the team.

 We are keen to hear individual experiences and views to better understand some of the reasons why the uptake of the COVID-19 vaccine has been lower than expected in the East London area. From this, we aim to:

  • Learn what the challenges have been with getting and understanding the information about vaccines.
  • Learn about factors that may cause people to reject the vaccine.

Learn more about the different research stages here.


asian nurse vaccinating patient

How can you take part in the study?

The study is reliant on the participation of community members who will be part of group or individual discussions. 

To take part, we ask that you:

  1. Read the participant information sheet [DOC 48KB]  to learn more about the study.
  2. Answer the follow-up questions to confirm your eligibility and give consent before participating.



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