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Research stages

The study will be approached through three stages called 'work packages'

1. Group discussions and interviews.

Community participants will be invited to participate in focus group discussions and individual interviews to examine issues of acceptability, trust, access and motivations of vaccination uptake.

In these interviews, the project researchers will explore the experiences with COVID-19 and COVID-19 vaccines and some of the social and cultural concepts and perceptions around vaccination.


 2. Creating the Patient Engagement Tool.

  • Information gathered from focus group discussions will help the team to work together to create an educational tool; the Patient Engagement Tool to support individuals and their GPs to make informed decisions about vaccination.
  • Together with members of the community, healthcare workers and local organizations, we will design this tool which will be useful in working with other vaccines as well.
  • The tool might include messaging and technical components as well as a targeted telephone and letter use that will also cater for non-mobile users and non-English speaking populations. We hope that the tool can improve individuals' knowledge and understanding of the vaccine and its benefits.

3. Testing the Patient Engagement Tool.

Patients from six GP practices from Tower Hamlets and Newham will either receive the Patient Engagement Tool or routine care to understand the usefulness and suitability of the tool.

For more information on how to take part as a GP, go to Information for GPs

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