Returning to Campus

The safety and welfare of our staff are our top prioritiers. Please ensure you have read and understood the information in these guides for all staff and for managers.

General guidelines for planning the safe return of staff to campus

1. Queen Mary will adhere to the advice and guidance as set out by the UK Government ('Working safely during coronavirus’). All managers are asked to familiarise themselves with the relevant sections from this document.

2. All managers and staff should be aware of, and adhere, to the requirements as set out in the University’s Risk Assessment document.

3. Managers should conduct any local risk assessments appropriate to their work settings/activities and mitigate any identified risks prior to the return of staff on campus.

4. The Covid health assessment should be completed by all staff either currently working on campus or expected to return to campus.

5. General guidance about key considerations and the nature of conversations that all managers are encouraged to have with their staff is available on our Return to Campus Conversations and Sensitive and supportive conversations pages. 

6. Other relevant guidance and questions are addressed in the FAQ for this section.