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A strong post-pandemic recovery: North East London is best in England for key areas of cardiovascular disease prevention and management

National data released by CVD Prevent shows NHS North East London is once again among the top performing regions in England for key metrics relating to the prevention and management of cardiovascular diseases.


  • Blood pressure control for patients with chronic kidney disease – 1st in England
  • Blood pressure control for patients under 80 years  with hypertension – 1st in England
  • Percentage of patients with cardiovascular disease being treated with cholesterol-lowering medication – 1st in England
  • Percentage of patients at risk of cardiovascular disease (QRisk 20%) being treated with cholesterol-lowering medication as a preventative measure – 1st in England
  • Percentage of patients with atrial fibrillation being treated with anticoagulant medication to prevent heart attack and stroke – 8th in England (1st in London)

Before the pandemic, North East London had the best control of blood pressure and serum cholesterol in the country for people with hypertension, cardiovascular disease or diabetes. This is despite the region encompassing some of the UK’s most disadvantaged areas. But primary care services in North East London were hugely impacted by Covid-19. Data from 2020-2022 indicates that activities to prevent cardiovascular disease and chronic kidney disease reduced more than most other NHS regions during the pandemic. But the recent CVD Prevent data release, which includes information from GP records up until 31 March 2023, shows North East London is almost back to pre-pandemic achievement. 

There is still some work to do - no region in England is meeting the NHS ambition of 77% of people with hypertension having their blood pressure well-controlled, although North East London is performing comparatively well at 71.6%. Recent CEG research also highlights inequalities: People from Black/Black British ethnic groups with hypertension were 10% less likely to have controlled blood pressure than those in White ethnic groups. And people under 50 years of age were 40% less likely to have controlled blood pressure than those older.

GPs across North East London are using CEG software tools to address inequalities and support their patients with long-term conditions, including chronic kidney disease and atrial fibrillation. The tools support equitable treatment by listing all patients with a condition who are registered with the GP practice and filtering by latest reading, overdue measures and risk factors. The tools are part of a whole system of support from CEG, including resources for high-quality data entry and performance monitoring.

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