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Clinical Effectiveness Group

What we do

The Clinical Effectiveness Group (CEG) turns electronic health record data into actionable insight and innovation.  We produce internationally significant research and work with local NHS teams to support GP practices on the ground. 

We develop software tools and resources for GPs and support every practice in the region to use them. We collaborate with the area’s NHS commissioners and local authorities to develop evidence-based initiatives that improve population health.

We analyse big datasets to reveal insights and inequalities in population health and publish our findings. In partnership with the NHS and other university research teams, our work informs local, national and international policy and practice.

We have trusted access to health data from North East London and beyond. We link, extract, and analyse data and curate de-identified information into resources that inform research, commissioning and local public health initiatives.

We lead Queen Mary’s Wellcome Trust PhD programme ‘Health Data in Practice.’ Through this, we are developing future scientific leaders and innovators who will realise the potential of health data research to benefit patients, health care systems and society.

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A ‘Learning Health System’ embeds improvement into the everyday process of delivering health care. CEG developed and pioneered this approach in North East London by turning data from patient health records into actionable insight. Our facilitators then support practices, NHS commissioners and local authorities to put this insight into practice to improve patient care. What we do graphic - analysis and informatics, research and teaching, support to NHS and public health


We support high quality data entry and maintain a library of codes and concepts.


We link, extract and analyse health data from GPs, hospitals and the community. We build clinical tools, searches and dashboards that turn data into knowledge.


We publish research creating actionable insights from CEG's analyses and uncovering inequalities in population health. We lead the Wellcome PhD programme Health Data in Practice.


We support GP practices, commissioners and public health teams to improve health in North East London using our insight and tools. This work informs local, national and international policy and practice.

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The ‘Clinical Effectiveness’ approach is about making it easier for GP teams to do the right thing. CEG achieves this by supporting practices to generate insight from their health record data; flagging patients for proactive follow-up, measuring equity, and driving exceptional performance against national and local targets. 

National impact

We supported Clinical Effectiveness South East London to set up their own organisation, and Clinical Effectiveness approaches are now being developed in Kent and Medway and North West London, based on our model. 

CEG search and risk stratification tools are also used nationally as part of the UCL Partners Proactive Care Frameworks

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Using data to fight health inequalities in the socially diverse communities of North East London is what drove us to establish CEG, and it has been at the core of our work ever since. We pioneered ethnicity recording and other indicators of inequalities in the GP record and offer a range of in-practice tools that ensure no patient is missed and everyone is given an equitable chance of care.

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