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Clinical Effectiveness Group

EMIS and SystmOne

We analyse data derived from health records to inform NHS commissioning and local authority public health initiatives in North East London.

EMIS and SystmOne are the two clinical systems used by GP practices in North East London. These systems host electronic health records, in which GPs record information about a patient’s health, and some demographic information. CEG has trusted access to data derived from these systems in the North East London region. We work with the NHS and local authorities to extract and analyse the data for specific, recorded purposes and provide de-identified reports to inform new services and initiatives.  

What it includes 


  • Organisation: Practice, Lower Layer Super Output Area (LSOA)  
  • Person: Age, sex 

Health data 

  • All coded activity, prescriptions and appointment details recorded by general practice throughout the life of the patient – not including information entered as ‘free text’. 


Revealing the unequal impact of Covid-19

By analysing GP record data, CEG produced one of the earliest research papers that demonstrated the population was not equally affected by Covid-19.
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