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Clinical Effectiveness Group

Support for GP practices

We support General Practice in North East London with software tools, resources and facilitation, enabling teams to use data held within the practice to improve patient outcomes and care.

CEG is commissioned by the NHS and local authorities in North East London. We develop tools, templates, searches and guidance for GPs in the region and support every practice to use them. We also work with the region’s NHS commissioners and local authorities, providing data insight and collaborating on the development of new services and initiatives. 

CEG dashboard on screen - large

Practitioner showing a CEG dashboard on a computer screen

Our facilitators 

CEG facilitators directly support every practice in North East London, helping clinicians and their teams to use our resources and achieve exceptional performance against national and local targets.  

We work with clinicians and clinical leads, practice managers, administrators and reception staff to identify areas for improvement and use CEG resources to address them. Our help can be by phone or email, via an in-person or virtual practice visit, or at one of our regional webinars or workshops.

Find a facilitator  

I just wanted to say a big, big thank you for coming down to the practice. Things are definitely clearer now and hopefully we can reach all our targets now.
— GP, Tower Hamlets

What does a practice visit entail? 

Practice visits can focus on Quality Improvement in a particular clinical area, on improving performance in an incentive scheme, using a specific tool, or a general ‘orientation’ to the resources and expertise that CEG provides. They can be online or in-person and usually take about an hour - the length can be tailored to the needs and availability of the practice team. 

Billie Corfield is brilliant, very knowledgeable and very helpful. She always helps us with various practice searches and templates and gives us valuable tips to achieve targets. She is EXCELLENT.

Support for Primary Care Networks (PCNs)

As PCNs take on more direct patient care on behalf of local practices, they need the necessary tools to do this effectively. Where a PCN is providing direct care to patients under any of the services that CEG supports, our templates and documents are available to the PCN on request. Please contact your local facilitator for more information.


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