Life at Queen Mary

If you’re ready to make lifelong friends and earn a degree that will set you ahead of the pack, look no further than Queen Mary.  

Student life at Queen Mary

Queen Mary’s campuses are energetic, diverse locations that house our vibrant communities.  

From the unique feel of East London to our on-campus accommodation and other amenities, Queen Mary offers a student experience like no other. You’ll make friends and learn in the heart of a global city, while being supported all the way.  

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Studying in London

No matter what subject you’re studying, you’ll benefit from learning in one of the hearts of global culture: London.  

With convenient public transport options near all out campuses, you’ll be able to travel the city with ease, soaking up all the art, culture, food and diverse communities London offers.  

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Student finance

No matter your background, Queen Mary is committed to making higher education accessible to all.  

Learn more about our fees and different options for funding your studies.

Student accommodation

You can’t beat living on campus for convenience.  

We offer a range of housing options to suit different budgets, with accommodation on a number of different campuses to suit the subject you’re studying.  

We have a significant number of places available for Clearing applicants, and you can apply for a place by entering an online ballot. Available accommodation will be allocated randomly.

To make sure things run smoothly, you can’t submit the housing application until you’ve accepted a place to study at Queen Mary – what’s known as an unconditional firm (UF) offer. Once you’ve accepted your offer and it’s confirmed on UCAS, the Admissions Office will send you login details to the online housing application system.

It’s possible there may be a few hours delay between receiving your login details and being able to apply for housing, so if you’re applying close to the deadlines, bear this in mind. If you’re having trouble with a significant delay, please email residences@qmul.ac.uk.

Learn more about on-campus student accommodation at Queen Mary and how to apply.

Graduate success

What’s it like to study at Queen Mary – and what comes afterwards?  

Learn from some of our recent graduates across a wide range of subjects what they loved about their time with us