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School of Physical and Chemical Sciences

The SCREAM Project

SCREAM posterThe SCREAM (Scintillator Cosmic Ray Experiments into Atmospheric Muons) project concerns the unstable fundamental particles similar to electrons which are created by high energy particles from space bombarding the top-of-the-atmosphere. A scintillator - photomultiplier tube detector, similar to those found in cutting edge neutrino experiments, can be used to detect these particles and measure their properties. This project can result in research into a variety of topics such as the origin of cosmic rays, their interaction with matter, special relativity, and the Higgs boson.

Please note that we can only offer this project to a limited number of schools and is only open to schools who have successfully undertaken a project with us previously.

SCREAM Student Guide [PDF 454KB]
Muon Lifetime (Maximum Likelihood Estimation) Python Script [3KB]
Muon Lifetime (Least Squares) Spreadsheet [XLS 153KB]

The teacher guide can be found in the teacher area — please contact us if you're unable to access.

Examples of previous work

Here are some of examples of high-quality work previously presented by students at our Research in Schools conference.

Posters: Poster 1 [PDF 1,106KB]  Poster 2 [PDF 691KB]  Poster 3 [PDF 549KB]
Talk: Talk 1 [PDF 1,316KB]  Talk 2 [PDF 857KB]

Project Lead

The SCREAM is current led by Dr Linda Cremonesi who is a UK Future Leaders Fellow and Lecturer in Particle Physics.  It was previously led by Dr Jeanne Wilson, who worked on the SNO+, T2K and proposed HyperK neutrino experiments.


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