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School of Economics and Finance

Yu Zheng



Telephone: +44 20 7882 8049
Room Number: GC510
Office Hours: Monday: 3pm - 5pm


Yu Zheng is a macroeconomist with research interests in economic growth, development and inequality.

Her current research focuses on the role human capital and intangible capital play in generating economic growth and inequality. More generally, she does theoretical and empirical work on economic growth, paying special attention to the aggregate implications of micro-level risks.

She received her Ph.D. in economics from Washington University in St. Louis and was a Max Weber Fellow at the European University Institute in Florence.



  • Koh D., Santaeulàlia-Llopis R., Zheng Y. (2020) "Labour Share Decline and Intellectual Property Products Capital", Econometrica, 88(6): pp. 2609-2628
  • Bin W., Zheng Y. (2020) "A Model of Tournament Incentives with Corruption", Journal of Comparative Economics, 48(1) pp. 182-197
  • Corina M., Raza SH., Zheng Y. (2020) "The Economic Consequences of Hospitalizations for Older Workers across Countries", Journal of the Economics of Ageing, Vol 16 June, 100213.
  • Zheng Y. (2019) "The Role of Education Signaling in Explaining the Growth of College Wage Premium", Macroeconomic Dynamics, 23(3) pp. 1247-1286
  • Santaeulàlia-Llopis R., Zheng Y. (2018) "The Price of Growth: Consumption Insurance in China 1989 – 2009", American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, 10(4), pp 1-36 (Lead Article)
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