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School of Economics and Finance

Tatsuro Senga


Senior Lecturer

Office Hours: by appointment


Tatsuro Senga is a Senior Lecturer in Economics at Queen Mary University of London. His research focuses on firm performance and macroeconomic dynamics. His research on firm-level uncertainty and productivity has led to a series of collaborative projects with the policy institutions of the UK and Japan.

He has been a fellow at the Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry (Japan) and Economic Statistics Centre of Excellence (UK). He received a Ph.D from the Ohio State University in 2015. Before starting a Ph.D., he held a position at the desk of open market operations in the Bank of Japan.



  • Chen, C., Senga, T., Sun, C., & Zhang, H. (2023). Uncertainty, imperfect information, and expectation formation over the firm’s life cycle. Journal of Monetary Economics.
  • Chen, C., Senga, T., & Zhang, H. (2021). Measuring business-level expectations and uncertainty: survey evidence and the COVID-19 pandemic. The Japanese Economic Review.
  • Jo, I. H., & Senga, T. (2019). Aggregate consequences of credit subsidy policies: Firm dynamics and misallocation. Review of Economic Dynamics.
  • Khan, A., & Senga, T. (2019). Firm-level Uncertainty and Cash Holding: Theory and Firm-level Empirical Evidence. Economic Analysis.
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