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School of Economics and Finance

Simon Franklin


Senior Lecturer

Telephone: +44 20 7882 6817
Room Number: GC418
Office Hours: Monday: 2-4pm


Simon Franklin holds a PhD from the University of Oxford and joins QMUL as Senior Lecturer in Economics from the London School of Economics. His research interests include development, labour, and urban economics, with a geographic focus on African cities. He has past and ongoing work on the economics of public housing, the effects of urban redevelopment policies, and spatial frictions in urban labour markets.

Affiliations: Centre for Economic Performance (LSE) and Centre for Economic Policy Research



  • Caria. S, Franklin. S, Witte. M. (2023) Searching with Friends. Forthcoming, Journal of Labor Economics.
  • Blattman. C, Dercon. S, Franklin. S. (2022) "Impacts of industrial and entrepreneurial jobs on youth: 5-year experimental evidence on factory job offers and cash grants in Ethiopia". Journal of Development Economics (156)
    Abebe G., Caria S., Fafchamps M., Falco P., Franklin S., Quinn S. (2020) "Anonymity or distance? Job search and labour market exclusion in a growing African city", Review of Economic Studies.
  • Franklin S. (2020) "Enabled to work: The impact of government housing on slum dwellers in South Africa", Journal of Urban Economics, 118, 103265
  • Labonne J., Franklin S. (2019) "Economic Shocks and Labour Market Flexibility", Journal of Human Resources
  • Franklin S. (2018) "Location, Search Costs and Youth Unemployment: Experimental Evidence from Transport Subsidies", Economic Journal
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