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School of Economics and Finance

Pedro Souza


Senior Lecturer

Room Number: GC517



  • Derksen, Leclerc and Souza, (2022) “Restricted Access: How the Internet Can Be Used to Promote Reading and Learning”, Journal of Development Economics, Vol. 155.
  • Fetzer, Vanden Eynde, Wright and Souza (2021) “Security Transitions”, American Economic Review, Vol. 111, No. 7.
  • Blair et al (2021) “Community Policing Does Not Build Trust in Police and Reduce Crime? Evidence from Six Coordinated Field Experiments in the Global South”, Science, Vol. 374, No. 6571
  • Souza,  (2021) “Econometrics of Networks with Limited Access to Network Data”, Book chapter in Handbook of Empirical Microeconomics, edited by Thorton M., Hashimzade N., Edward Elger
  • Lam, Souza, (2020) "Estimation and Selection of Spatial Weight Matrix in a Spatial Lag Model", Journal of Business and Economics Statistics, Vol.38, Issue 3, pp. 693-710.
  • Hidalgo, Souza, (2019) " A Test for Stationarity in the Spectral Domain", Economics Theory, Vol 35, Issue 3, pp. 547-600.
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