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School of Economics and Finance

Francis Breedon



Telephone: +44 20 7882 8845
Room Number: GC524
Office Hours: Tuesday 11am - 12pm (online) and Friday: 11am - 12pm


Research keywords: Financial Economics, Public Economics.

Francis Breedon is a Professor of Economics and Finance at Queen Mary University of London.

His research is primarily focussed on bond and foreign exchange market ranging from detailed microstructure and trading to broader macro policy questions. He also has extensive industry experience both as an FX Strategist and as a consultant to a number of hedge funds, Investment Banks, Central Banks and Ministries of Finance.



  • Breedon F., Chen L., Ranaldo A., Vause N. (2023) “Judgment day: Algorithmic trading around the Swiss franc cap removal” Journal of International Economics
  • Breedon F., Larcher L. (2021) "Discounting and the Market Valuation of Defined Benefit Pensions" European Financial Management
  • Breedon F. (2018) "On the Transactions Costs of UK Quantitative easing" Journal of Banking and Finance
  • Breedon F., Rime D., Vitale P. (2016) "Carry Trades, Order Flow and the Forward Bias Puzzle" Journal of Money Credit and Banking
  • Breedon F., Ranaldo A. (2013) "Intraday Patterns in FX returns and order flow" Journal of Money Credit and Banking.
  • Breedon F.,  Chadha J., Waters A. (2012) "The Financial Market Impact of UK Quantitative Easing" Oxford Review of Economic Policy.
  • Breedon F. (2012) "A Variance Decomposition of Index-Linked Bond Returns" Economics Letters.
  • Breedon F., Petursson T., Rose A. (2012) "Exchange Rate Policy in Small Rich Economies" Open Economies Review.
  • Beber A., Breedon F., Buraschi A. (2010) "Differences in Beliefs and Currency Risk Premia", Journal of Financial Economics.


Valerio Della Corte

Public Engagement

Commissioner at the Scottish Fiscal Commission

Panel Member on Jersey Fiscal Policy Panel

Expert Witness

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