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School of Economics and Finance

Drago Indjic


Visiting Lecturer



Dr Drago Indjic is a Visiting Lecturer of Fintech. He is a Dozent in Economics at Faculty of Computing, Union University of Belgrade and an Industrial Professor at the Institute of Finance and Technology, University College London. He has taught at the School of Economics and Finance, Queen Mary University of London since 2019.

Starting in 1993, Drago held portfolio management and quantitative research roles at several hedge funds, a family office, and a sovereign wealth fund. Over the last ten years Drago has co-founded five fintech and fund ventures. He has co-edited the Legaltech book for Wiley (2020) and continues practicing data science and finance as a co-Head of Oxquant.

He holds a PhD in Engineering from Imperial College, London and a Dipl Ing from the University of Belgrade. He is a Member of the IEEE and the IET.


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