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Andrea Carriero



Telephone: +44 20 7882 8050
Room Number: GC511
Office Hours: I am away on research so will not have office hours, if you need to contact me I am available by email.


Download CV: Andrea Carriero [PDF 91KB]

Research keywords: Econometrics and Quantitative Methods, Macroeconomics, Financial Economics.

Andrea Carriero is a Professor of Economics at Queen Mary University of London.

His research interests are in applied Macroeconometrics, empirical macroeconomics, and financial econometrics.

Andrea is working on the econometric analysis of the term structure of interest rates and on forecasting and structural modelling with large datasets.

He is a consultant for HM Treasury Debt Management Office and has been an intern in the Monetary Policy Strategy division of the ECB. He has done consulting work for HM Treasury Debt Management Office, Banca Intesa, the Central Bank of the Czech Republic, and the Central Bank of Estonia. 

My current research is supported by ERSC grant no. ES.K010611.1



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