School of Economics and Finance

2013 Working papers

Paper No.TitleAuthors
No. 709: Worktime Regulations and Spousal Labor Supply Dominique Goux, Eric Maurin, Barbara Petrongolo,
No. 712: The Effect of Local Area Crime on Mental Health Christian Dustmann, Francesco Fasani,
No. 711: Consumer Default with Complete Markets: Default-based Pricing and Finite Punishment Xavier Mateos-Planas, Giulio Seccia,
No. 708: Policy Uncertainty and Aggregate Fluctuations Haroon Mumtaz, Paolo Surico,
No. 699: Eurozone: The Untold Economics John Hatgioannides, Marika Karanassou, Hector Sala,
No. 700: The Effect of Educational Mismatch on Wages Using European Panel Data Iñaki Iriondo, Teodosio Pérez-Amaral,
No. 701: Evolution of Structural Indicators. China and Regions: 1981-2010 Jose Miguel Albala-Bertrand,
No. 702: Preference Symmetries, Partial Differential Equations, and Functional Forms for Utility Christopher J. Tyson,
No. 703: The Cost of Segregation in Social Networks Nizar Allouch,
No. 710: Political Motivations and Electoral Competition: Equilibrium Analysis and Experimental Evidence Michalis Drouvelis, Alejandro Saporiti, Nicolaas J. Vriend,
No. 705: Social Democracy and Distributive Conflict in the UK, 1950-2010 Carlo V. Fiorio, Simon Mohun, Roberto Veneziani,
No. 707: The Impact of Uncertainty Shocks under Measurement Error. A Proxy SVAR Approach Andrea Carriero, Haroon Mumtaz, Konstantinos Theodoridis, Angeliki Theophilopoulou,
No. 704: The Measurement of Labour Content: A General Approach Naoki Yoshihara, Roberto Veneziani,
No. 706: Migrant Networks and Job Search Outcomes: Evidence from Displaced Workers Tommaso Colussi,