School of Economics and Finance

2012 Working papers

Paper No.TitleAuthors
No. 690: Fuzzy Rejective Core of Satiated Economies with Unbounded Consumption Sets Nizar Allouch, Monique Florenzano,
No. 693: Job Search Costs and Incentives Andriy Zapechelnyuk, Ro'i Zultan,
No. 698: Matching, Wage Rigidities and Efficient Severance Pay Giulio Fella,
No. 691: Adaptive Forecasting in the Presence of Recent and Ongoing Structural Change Liudas Giraitis, George Kapetanios, Simon Price,
No. 687: The Wage Incentive to Management: A Comparison across European Economies Marco Biagetti, Leone Leonida, Sergio Scicchitano,
No. 689: On the Private Provision of Public Goods on Networks Nizar Allouch,
No. 696: The Financial Market Impact of UK Quantitative Easing Francis Breedon, Jagjit S. Chadha, Alex Water,
No. 695: Distributional Consequences of Capital Accumulation, Globalisation and Financialisation in the US Marika Karanassou, Hector Sala,
No. 694: Intraday Patterns in FX Returns and Order Flow Francis Breedon, Angelo Ranaldo,
No. 697: Behavioral Implications of Shortlisting Procedures Christopher J. Tyson,
No. 688: A Variance Decomposition of Index-Linked Bond Returns Francis Breedon,
No. 692: Eliciting Information from a Committee Andriy Zapechelnyuk,