School of Economics and Finance

2007 Working papers

Paper No.TitleAuthors
No. 595: Changes in Predictive Ability with Mixed Frequency Data Ana Beatriz Galvão,
No. 617: Forecasting Large Datasets with Reduced Rank Multivariate Models Andrea Carriero, George Kapetanios, Massimiliano Marcellino,
No. 588: Boosting Estimation of RBF Neural Networks for Dependent Data George Kapetanios, Andrew P. Blake,
No. 616: Macroeconomic Forecasting with Mixed Frequency Data: Forecasting US Output Growth Michael P. Clements, Ana Beatriz Galvão,
No. 597: Are Some Deaths Worse Than Others? Results from a Discrete Choice Experiment Angela Robinson, Judith Covey, Anne Spencer, Graham Loomes,
No. 583: Representation in Econometrics: A Historical Perspective Christopher L. Gilbert, Duo Qin,
No. 585: The Macroeconomics of the Labor Market: Three Fundamental Views Marika Karanassou, Hector Sala, Dennis J. Snower,
No. 615: Management of a Capital Stock by Strotz's Naive Planner Christopher J. Tyson,
No. 608: Uncovered Bargaining Solutions Michele Lombardi, Marco Mariotti,
No. 602: Testing for Strict Stationarity George Kapetanios,
No. 605: Choice over Time Paola Manzini, Marco Mariotti,
No. 610: Net Capital Stock and Capital Productivity for China and Regions: 1960-2005. An Optimal Consistency Method Jose Miguel Albala-Bertrand,
No. 603: What Happened to the Knowledge Economy? ICT, Intangible Investment and Britain's Productivity Record Revisited Mauro Giorgio Marrano, Jonathan Haskel, Gavin Wallis,
No. 614: Cognitive Constraints, Contraction Consistency, and the Satisficing Criterion Christopher J. Tyson,
No. 613: Information Sales and Insider Trading with Long-lived Information Giovanni Cespa,
No. 600: Wavelet Analysis and Denoising: New Tools for Economists Iolanda Lo Cascio,
No. 594: Long Memory and FIGARCH Models for Daily and High Frequency Commodity Prices Richard T. Baillie, Young-Wook Han, Robert J. Myers, Jeongseok Song,
No. 590: A Comparison of Methods for the Construction of Composite Coincident and Leading Indexes for the UK Andrea Carriero, Massimiliano Marcellino,
No. 620: Are Some Deaths Worse Than Others? The Effect of 'Labelling' on People's Perceptions Anne Spencer, Judith Covey, Angela Robinson, Graham Loomes,
No. 584: Sources of Investment Inefficiency: The Case of Fixed-Asset Investment in China Duo Qin, Haiyan Song,
No. 593: Modeling Long Memory and Structural Breaks in Conditional Variances: An Adaptive FIGARCH Approach Richard T. Baillie, Claudio Morana,
No. 619: The Elusive Persistence: Wage and Price Rigidities, the Phillips Curve, and Inflation Dynamics Chris Tsoukis, George Kapetanios, Joseph Pearlman,
No. 612: Forecasting the Yield Curve Using Priors from No Arbitrage Affine Term Structure Models Andrea Carriero,
No. 596: Tests of Utility Independence When Health Varies over Time Anne Spencer, Angelo Ranaldo,
No. 604: The Evolution of Inflation and Unemployment: Explaining the Roaring Nineties Marika Karanassou, Hector Sala, Dennis J. Snower,
No. 599: Comparative Economic Cycles Iolanda Lo Cascio, Stephen Pollock,
No. 598: Optimal Severance Pay in a Matching Model Giulio Fella,
No. 586: Inflation Persistence and the Phillips Curve Revisited Marika Karanassou, Dennis J. Snower,
No. 601: Testing the Martingale Difference Hypothesis Using Neural Network Approximations George Kapetanios, Andrew P. Blake,
No. 611: Capital Accumulation and Unemployment: New Insights on the Nordic Experience Marika Karanassou, Hector Sala, Pablo F. Salvador,
No. 587: Semiparametric Sieve-Type GLS Inference in Regressions with Long-Range Dependence George Kapetanios, Zacharias Psaradakis,
No. 607: Reason-Based Choice Correspondences Michele Lombardi,
No. 609: A Test for Serial Dependence Using Neural Networks George Kapetanios,
No. 592: A Simple Test of the New Keynesian Phillips Curve Andrea Carriero,
No. 606: What Kind of Preference Maximization Does the Weak Axiom of Revealed Non-inferiority Characterize? Michele Lombardi,
No. 589: Dynamic Models of Segregation in Small-World Networks Giorgio Fagiolo, Marco Valente, Nicolaas J. Vriend,
No. 618: Giving Children a Better Start: Preschool Attendance and School-Age Profiles Samuel Berlinski, Sebastian Galiani, Marco Manacorda,
No. 591: A Bayesian Framework for the Expectations Hypothesis. How to Extract Additional Information from the Term Structure of Interest Rates Andrea Carriero,