School of Economics and Finance

2001 Working papers

Paper No.TitleAuthors
No. 435: The Impact of Public Infrastructure on the Productivity of the Chilean Economy Jose Miguel Albala-Bertrand, Emmanouel C. Mamatzakis,
No. 437: The Time Trade-Off Method: An Exploratory Study Anne Spencer,
No. 438: The Implications of Linking Questions within the SG and TTO Methods Anne Spencer,
No. 439: Public versus Private Insurance with Non-Expected Utility: A Political Economy Argument Jean Hindriks,
No. 443: Market Sharing Agreements and Collusive Networks Paul Belleflamme, Francis Bloch,
No. 433: Signal Extraction, Maximum Likelihood Estimation and the Start-up Problem Stephen Pollock,
No. 447: Low-Pay Mobility in the Swiss Labor Market Augustin de Coulon, Boris A. Zürcher,
No. 432: Has Futures Trading Affected the Volatility of Aluminium Transactions Prices? Isabel Figuerola-Ferretti, Christopher L. Gilbert,
No. 445: Time Preferences: Do They Matter in Bargaining? Paola Manzini,
No. 436: Free Riding on Altruism and Group Size Jean Hindriks, Romans Pancs,
No. 446: Returns to Schooling in Spain. How Reliable Are IV Estimates? Empar Pons, Maria Teresa Gonzalo,
No. 434: A Benchmark Estimate for the Capital Stock. An Optimal Consistency Method Jose Miguel Albala-Bertrand,
No. 431: Price Variability and Marketing Method in the Non-Ferrous Metals Industry Isabel Figuerola-Ferretti, Christopher L. Gilbert,
No. 440: Matching Grants and Ricardian Equivalence Charles Figuieres, Jean Hendriks,
No. 444: The Politics of Redistributive Social Insurance Jean Hindriks, Philippe De Donder,
No. 441: Yardstick Competition and Political Agency Problems Paul Belleflamme, Jean Hendriks,
No. 449: Improved Frequency-selective Filters Stephen Pollock,
No. 442: Time-consistent Monetary Policy Rules Gerhard Sorger,
No. 448: Deconstructing the Consumption Function: New Tools and Old Problems Stephen Pollock, Nikoletta Lekka,