School of Economics and Finance

1999 Working papers

Paper No.TitleAuthors
No. 403: Was Hayek an Ace? Nicolaas J. Vriend,
No. 407: How Much Did Excess Debt Contribute to the 1997 Currency Crisis in Korea? Duo Qin,
No. 405: The Trade and Labour Approaches to Wage Inequality Jonathan E. Haskel,
No. 400: When Do Firing Costs Matter? Giulio Fella,
No. 401: Joint Outside Options Paola Manzini, Marco Mariotti,
No. 408: Bivariate FIGARCH and Fractional Cointegration Celso Brunetti, Christopher L. Gilbert,
No. 402: Markets, Money and Ideology Simon Mohun,
No. 406: Public Infrastructure, Private Input Demand, and Economic Performance of the Greek Industry Emmanouel C. Mamatzakis,
No. 404: Infrastructure Shortage: A Gap Approach Jose Miguel Albala-Bertrand,